Inventory management may be a time consuming process. To make it easier and and simplify creating filters, you can use product tags.

Adding a new product to the inventory you are able to customize first product tags. Afterward, you can add and edit them in the following ways.

Add New Tag to Several Products #

Click the [Inventory] in the top menu and choose [Inventory] in the sub-menu to open the inventory list.


Tick the check-boxes in the lines with the requisite products and click the [Add tags] icon.

You may use “Filter Products” or “Search Inventory” to display items for some particular identifier(s) and after tick the required ones.
To choose all items tick the checkbox in the top of the inventory list.

Enter a new tag in the text-field and press the [Enter] key to add the tag.


Add New Tag to One Product #

There are few other methods to add a tag to the particular product. You may choose one of the ways below.

You can use the guidance above, but instead of a few tick one requisite item and repeat all other steps.


Click the [Three Dots] icon in the line with the requisite item and choose [Tags].

Then enter a new tag in the text-field and press the [Enter] key to add the tag. Afterward, click [Save] to confirm changes or [Cancel] to reject.

Go to the”Edit Product” page and put the cursor in the “Tag” field in the the left side of the page.

Enter a new tag and press the [Enter] key to add a new tag.

Each tag must be no longer than 16 characters. You can add up to ten tags to every item. But if there are tags in some chosen products, you can add the tag quantity, excluding the number of the existing tags. The existing tags are not duplicated. They are omitted.

Delete Tag #

To delete a tag, сlick the [Close] icon on the selected tab. Or you may choose the tab with the cursor and press the [Backspace] key.

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