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The Easiest Way for Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, and Walmart Sellers to Add Product Fast

The Easiest Way for Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, and Walmart Sellers to Add Product Fast

When was the last time you added new products to your marketplace? Do you remember that feeling?

You’ve got a LOOOOONG list of items you need to add to your inventory. But to do that, you need to fill in a great number of unique product identifiers and other information fields like ASIN, size, weight, price, quantity, description, and blah blah blah.

That’s not only boring. It’s so time-consuming that you could literally take a fly to Europe and come back home instead of adding new goods.

Saying nothing about uploading items on MULTIPLE platforms. You are becoming a slave of the marketplaces. You worship them and give away all time you’ve got to please picky eCommerce gods.

Or there’s another scenario.

You hire a manager or a team of managers to handle your marketplaces and take care of a great number of processes, including uploading new products. This requires a huge financial outlay (so perhaps your European trip would be put off till better times).

But that’s your business. You’ve got to sacrifice either your time or money (sometimes both) to succeed. Right?


We’ve got another solution. Don’t worry! It’s neither a voodoo doll nor a mysterious spell which you must utter under the full moon on the hill covered with frozen grass which has been just cut by a gold sickle.

Things are much easier! SellerSkills will take care of the boring stuff and will let you upscale your business while actually letting you do and invest less.

How it works

SellerSkills enables you to get access to the database of Amazon listings (even if you are not registered with Amazon). It’s still the largest online marketplace, so you can find anything there. A camera, book, socks, just anything, – you can find the right item in the Amazon catalog and copy it to your inventory. After this, you create your own listing and publish it on the selected or all integrated channels (Amazon, eBay, Walmart).

That’s a step-by-step explanation for better understanding of a process:

Fast Add Product Algorithm
  • Create an account with SellerSkills and integrate it with your selling channels.
  • Go to your Inventory.
  • Press the Add Product button.
  • Enter the product title or identifier
  • Add it to your inventory.
  • Create Amazon, eBay, Walmart listings from added product

And voila!

You’ll see all matching ASIN options from Amazon’s database. Now you’ve got to copy the ASIN you think is relevant and paste it into the Fast Add Product bar (watch this video or read this guide to see how it works).

The information will be automatically uploaded to your Inventory (just make sure you’ve edited the title, quantity, price) and you’ll avoid the hassle of manual monotonous work.

It sounds confusing. But watch the video and you’ll understand that’s as easy as sending a message to your friend via WhatsApp.

This Fast Add Product feature will save lots of time and energy so you could concentrate on more important business processes. Let us show you why you win with SellerSkills.


SellerSkills Fast Add Product feature allows you to add a new item to your inventory in less than a minute. Just compare. One person can upload about 150-230 items every day. With our app, you’ll be doing the same job within 2 hours or even faster.

Fast Add Product with SellerSkills


No programming skills are required. You just navigate through the menu, type the product name in the search bar, copy the matching ASIN from the pop-up window, and paste it in the same bar. That’s how magic is happening. Several clicks and you are ready to sell new items on all connected channels.


The product information is detailed and accurate as it comes up from the Amazon database. You don’t need to check data, as other merchants have already done the cumbersome job for you.


Once you add new products to your inventory, you can create listings for Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. The most pleasant part is that you publish your new listings on all your selling channels at the same time.

It’s never been easier to build your listings on several marketplaces! SellerSkills boosts your efficiency and profit margins by enabling you to introduce your new items to the world faster and easier.

Wrapping it up

We have nothing to do with charms. Our secret is in something different.

SellerSkills understands what challenges you face and turn them into new opportunities. That’s because we’ve been in your shoes once, and now we have grown so strong that can offer robust and effective solutions to the most complicated eCommerce issues connected with selling on several marketplaces.

Stick with us, and see how easier it is to run your online business and manage all critical processes. What was once complicated, now could be tackled with several clicks. Isn’t it amazing?

So make use of our new Fast Add Product feature and let your business grow. Faster. Easier. With SellerSkills.


Run your multichannel biz with ease. Be smart. Be efficient. Be SellerSkills.

try it for free* *No credit card required.

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