Amazon (Fulfillment by Amazon) FBA

Turn on Fulfillment by Amazon #

Before you can turn on feature FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) make sure that you connected your Amazon channel to SellerSkills. If you didn’t connecet Amazone, please use this manual to create a connection.
For turn on FBA functionlaity please click on switcher.

After you turn it on, will start backgroung process for import your FBA listings, bulding products. To see your FBA listing please go Listings, select channel where you have or plane to have FBA listings, and you will see switcher between FBA and FBM listings.

FBA and FBM listings

On inventory will avalible new field FBA total, it shows summa of QTY on all FBA warehouses.

FBA inventory

On product page will be availbe information about QTY on Amazon warehose location, also you will see QTY how many are on inbound shipments, reserved for some FBA orders.

FBA inventory

Create FBA listing #

Send/replenish inventory to Amazon #

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