Bulk Editor

“Bulk Editor” function gives you an opportunity to edit “On Hand” quantity and “Price” value in bulk.
To start editing in bulk, go to the inventory list: click [Inventory] in the top menu and choose [Inventory] in the sub-menu.

inventory bulk edit

Then click the [Bulk Editor] icon to edit all items in the inventory list.

bulk edit

There is no need to tick check-boxes if you need to edit all items. After clicking [Bulk Editor], you can edit all products by default. But if you need to edit one or several particular items, you have to tick them and after click the [Bulk Editor] icon.
bulk edit

Also, you may use “Filter Products” or “Search Inventory” to display items for some particular identifier(s) and after tick the required ones.

At the “Bulk Editor” page you can edit data in two columns: “On Hand” and “Price”. If the editing in bulk is successful, you get a notification.

More about inventory here.

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