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How to Sell on Walmart Canada (Amazon Canada, eBay Canada, Etsy, and Shopify)

How to Sell on Walmart Canada (Amazon Canada, eBay Canada, Etsy,  and Shopify)

If you are just starting online business in Canada or you are already selling online in Canada, let us say BRAVO. Along with competing on your own market with local retailers, you are also engaged in one more battle — the sophisticated and ubiquitous American market.

But let us tell you something.

SellerSkills believes that the Canada eCommerce market has enough digital space for local or international players. It takes the 10th place in the global rating of the countries depending on the generated revenue in online retail. And compared to the population and Internet users ration, it’s one of the heaviest in the world.

But we don’t want to make false claims here, so let’s see what figures tell us.

The online market has reached 26 million users in 2020 (with an estimated population of 37 million people!) and a penetration rate of 69% in Canada. In 2021 the figures are expected to grow.

The online market has reached 26 million users in 2020 (with an estimated population of 37 million people!) and a penetration rate of 69% in Canada. In 2021 the figures are expected to grow.

Another eCommerce Canada statistics reads that Canadians use pretty much the same marketplaces when shopping online.

What do the figures tell you? If you are not at least on one of these Canadian eCommerce platforms, you are missing the significant reach. And if you ignore several platforms? It makes us cringe when we imagine what your company loses because you’re not on Shopify, eBay, Walmart, or any other channel yet.

Follow The Trends — Sell Multichannel

So, as a seller aiming to upscale online business Canada, you’ve got to adjust to the trends to meet the growing demand.

We suppose that you are afraid of the hassle of managing several marketplaces at a time, hiring new staff, or investing new funds into the development of a new sales channel. But with SellerSkills, things are as easy as ABC.


Run your multichannel biz with ease. Be smart. Be efficient. Be SellerSkills.

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  • You import/export listings between different marketplaces in several seconds.
  • You update inventory on all marketplaces at a time
  • You do not log every inventory activity because the app does that for you.
  • You manage orders from all channels from one place.
  • You arrange shipping with Canada post and other carriers with ease.

One app (that works in your browser, no need to download) replaces the team of at least 3 people. And you can start it for free and stay on this free plan forever. You can learn about this here.

So, if you are wondering where to sell online in Canada, let’s see what opportunities are waiting for your company out there.

1. Amazon Canada

Amazon.ca is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world, so no wonder it’s the leading platform in Canada as well. It provides great instruments for sellers and gives a huge variety of goods for customers. Buyers also love it for Amazon Canada prime, while merchants are thrilled to bits for having an Amazon FBA Canada option.

By the way, if you are an Amazon FBA seller, SellerSkills has recently released a new feature. We support Amazon FBA listing and shipping plan creation. SellerSkills app also allows you to arrange shipment for the order and print ID labels, so that selling on Amazon Canada is much simpler.

Either you are selling tiny stuff for home decor or formidable electronic devices, Amazon gives you a chance to market your products and find your prospects. If you have some issues or have no clue how to sell on Amazon Canada, that’s not a big deal. Visit Seller Central Amazon Canada to find answers to your questions.

2. Walmart Canada

Walmart is a retail giant that operates an online store, hypermarkets, and grocery stores. You can sell a wide selection of products there without the need to build your own website.

Even though Walmart challenges sellers in many ways like:

  • inconvenient listing creation and management only via an Excel file.
  • cumbersome shipping procedures.
  • lack of integration with other channels.
  • absence of some features in the Canadian version.

It is still worth growing your Walmart Canada online presence because that’s the place where around 35 million users search the needed products every month.

If you’ve never been a part of the Walmart Canada online shopping or would like to optimize your multichannel sales (including Walmart), we have you covered. Now you can sell through Walmart Canada using our app. Watch the video and learn how to effortlessly integrate your Walmart account with SellerSkills and then manage your orders, inventory, and listings from one platform.

3. Shopify Canada

Being born in Canada, Shopify has become the second largest organization in Canada by market capitalization. It also overshines such eCommerce rivals as eBay, Etsy, and Walmart.

What is Shopify Canada? It’s an eCommerce company that allows merchants all over the world to set up and run their store without the need of hiring a team of web developers. They provide sellers with tools for payment, shipping, and inventory management.

Shopify has launched the ‘Go Digital Canada’ campaign in cooperation with the Canadian government to support small businesses in these uncertain times of pandemic. They created resources to help launch a new online business or scale the existing company. They include:

  • 90-day free trial.
  • Tools, guides, and other resources.
  • 24/7 support from their support team.

If you are still not there, it’s high time to think of conquering a new selling channel. Selling through Shopify might be a great solution for you if you would like to:

  • start your eCommerce business through a website.
  • Scale your multichannel business and create a website.

Because the company provides the seller with all the tools you might need for running your business without any additional fees, you’ll get all the instruments required for running day-to-day operations and driving sales.

If you already have the products listed on Amazon or any other marketplace and would like to avoid the hassle of adding them once again to Shopify, SellerSkills can help you. We will ensure you make a smooth transition by exporting all the listings, aiding you in the management of orders and inventory.

eBay Canada

Still asking yourself how to sell online in Canada? Have you already tried the eBay Canada app? If yes, good of you and it’s high time to think of adding more sales channels. If no, grab a chance and make use of SellerSkills software for free to import listings from other platforms and create an eBay inventory in less than 30 seconds.

Selling on eBay Canada store might turn out to be beneficial for your company as it is one of the top-ranked retail platforms. This channel allows you to sell your goods on the go, be it electronics, cars, books, furniture, kitchen appliances, whatever. As eBay Canada for online shopping is a common pick of 28 million users, you can’t ignore this marketplace.

The Final Words

Either you are a technology-savvy seller or the one who believes that brick-and-mortar stores are the best invention of humankind, you can’t deny the global tendency in the retail business – digitalization.

Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, Europeans, they all increasingly rely on online shopping. And the first place they all go to find the desired goods is their favorite marketplace like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and others.

As a seller who strives for success, you’ve got to adapt to the shopping behavior of your customers and be present where they are. That is why SellerSkills created the platform that would help you please your customers, reach more prospects, and turn them into loyal brand followers without the need to hire a team and burn the midnight oil trying to run all business processes through different sales channels separately.

Our solution will help you create listings on new marketplaces in a flash, manage your inventory with auto features, and process orders much easier and faster. You’ll be a successful multichannel seller who’ll be handling all operations faster than your competitors, which will result in more sales and better reputation.

Join our SellerSkills family and see how the app will improve the way you run your multichannel business in Canada for FREE.

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