SellerSkills application helps you to manage and process orders from different marketplaces. After an order has been created on any of your connected sales channels, you receive a notification about it in the “To-Do List” on the “Dashboard” page or in the “Notification” tab.


Orders from connected with your SellerSkills account marketplaces are displayed on the “Order” page. Orders with the completed payment are shown in the “Ready to Ship” tab. Orders with uncompleted payment or with the failed transaction are displayed in the “Pending” tab.

More marketplaces are connected with your SellerSkills account, more orders you receive.


Also, you can create local orders from the order panel.


For further processing, all orders, received from marketplaces and created locally, must be associated with labels.

To find out more information about changes in the orders and labels statuses and their processing, go to the “Order&Label Flow” page.

To go to the “Orders” page, choose [Orders] in the top menu and [Orders]in the drop-down list.


Or you can click [Manage Orders] on the “Labels” page to go to the “Orders” page.


Create Order #

To create a local order, click [Create Order] at the top of the “Orders” page.

Create Order

Next, you have to fill in the information in the “Recipient info” and “Order items” tabs.

Recipient Info Tab #

Firstly, enter the recipient details in the appropriate fields.

  • Name*
  • Email*
  • Company
  • Phone number*

Create Order

Also, you can enter extension in the field to the left from the phone number. It must be no longer than 10 digits.

Create Order

Afterward, you have to provide the recipient address details.

Firstly, you have to specify the recipient’s address in the “Address”* text-box.

Create Order

Also, you can add your second address. This field is not required, you may skip it.


Afterward, you have to enter recipient city and zip code in the “City”* and “Zip Code”* fields.

Create Order

To fill in “Country”* and “State”* boxes, click the [Dropdown] icon of the needed fields and choose the necessary information from the drop-down list.


You can provide some additional information to the current order in the “Notes” field.


Having filled in and checked the “Recipient info” tab, click [Next] to continue or [Cancel] to return to the “Orders” page.

Orders Items Tab #

To add item to the order, use “SKU” or “Product name” fields. Click in the appropriate box and enter SKU details or word from the product name or description. Afterward, choose the required item from the list.


Having chosen the product from the list, its price per item is filled in automatically.


You can set the quantity manually or using the[Up] and [Down] arrows.


The subtotal price changes automatically, depending upon the quantity.


To add another item, click the [Add a Line Item] button and repeat the steps above.


To delete product from the list, click the [Delete] icon in the line with required item.


Next, you have to fill in “Order Date”* and “Paid Date”* fields. Take to attention that paid date can not be earlier than the order date.


In the “Summary” section you can change and set the following data:

  1. Subtotal order price*.
  2. Tax value.
  3. Shipping paid.



If you change subtotal price in the “Summary” section, the price is changed proportionally for each item in the order too.

The total price is a sum of the subtotal price, tax value and shipping price.


To finish, click [Create Order] or [Cancel] to return to the “Orders” page.

Order Profit #

  1. Go to Orders.
  2. Open any order you would like to check from the list.
  3. You’ll see an order profit in the upper left corner of the order details page.

Order profit

If you would like to know what’s your profit per order and get a clearer understanding of what pricing policy to stick to, read further.

You can change variables such as the cost, marketplace fee, and label cost to set the desired value or see how they will affect the final order profit.

order profit change

When you use SellerSkills for receiving new products, the item cost will be automatically calculated. Thus, there is no need to fill in this field manually to see the order profit. However, when the order arrives and you run out of items, make sure you fill out the Cost field on the order details page to be able to check the order profit.

SellerSkills also automatically sets marketplace fees depending on the sales channel. But you can customize the field by increasing or decreasing the item cost manually.

marketplace fee

Shipping cost will be synced to the order detail page from the label assigned to it. You can update the label cost if required.

Order Profit Reports #

Generate profit reports per any period using SellerSkills. It works for orders processed by our application only.

  1. Click on your profile icon and pick Reports.

    Order Report
  2. You’ll be directed to the Report page, with the Profit tab opened.
  3. Select the desired timeframe from the Date Range using the drop-down list for generating a report for the past month, past three months, or past year.

    order report custom period
  4. To get the report for the custom period (like a week, four months, or any other time frame), pick the Specific Date Range in the Date Range field.

    order profit calendar
  5. Click [Export Report] to initiate the report generation.

    export report
  6. The Success notification will appear in the lower right corner of the screen notifying you that the report has been generated.
  7. Go to the Background Notifications Tab on the panel.
  8. You’ll see the report among other background tasks.

    order report link
  9. Click [Link] to download the Excel file with the report.
  10. Select the folder on your computer to download the file and click [Save].

That’s it. Now you can open the file and see the metrics.

Cancel Order #

If for some reason you need to cancel the order(s), you can do this. In such case, your buyers receive a notification about canceling the order with the specified details.

To cancel order, click [Orders] in the top menu and choose [Orders] in the sub-menu. Afterward, go to the “Ready to Ship” tab.


There are three ways to cancel the order.

The first one is the most appropriate to cancel a particular order and orders in bulk.

Firstly, you have to tick the check-boxes of the required orders and click [Cancel] at the top of the “Orders” page.


To pick all items, tick the top checkbox above the orders list.


Next, you have to specify the the reason for cancel order request: click the [Dropdown] icon and select an appropriate reason.


If you cancel orders in bulk, you specify one reason for each chosen order.


Afterward, you have to approve cancel order request by clicking [Cancel Order(s)] or click the [Close] icon or [Cancel] to abolish the cancel order request.

If orders are canceled, you get a notification.

You can cancel a particular order in two other ways.

Follow one of the steps below:

  1. Click the [Three Dots] icon in the line of the needed order and pick [Cancel].


  2. Go to the detailed “Order” page:

    • Click on the order ID of the needed order;
    • OR

    • Click the [Three Dots] icon in the line of the needed order and choose [Details].

    • order

      Then click [Cancel] at the top of the detailed “Order” page.

      Next, you have to specify the reason for the cancel order request by clicking the [Dropdown] icon and picking an appropriate reason.

      Afterward, you have to approve cancel order request by clicking [Cancel Order(s)] or click the [Close] icon or [Cancel] to abolish the cancel order request.

      If order is canceled, you receive a “Success” notification.

      You may check the cancel process status by clicking the [Notifications] icon.

Export Orders #

To export orders, click [Orders] in the top menu and choose [Orders] from the sub-menu.

Afterward, click [Export] at the top of the “Order” page.

Go to the “Export Orders” page to get detailed information on how to export orders.

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