How to Sell on Etsy with SellerSkills

Selling your arts and crafts on Etsy has never been easier. Jump onto this marketplace quickly with our Etsy integration. Easily import listings from other channels, list new goods, manage listings, inventory, orders, and more. No more guesswork about where to sell your handmade items. With SellerSkills, you can be anywhere your prospects shop.

Etsy Seller Tools

Whether you are selling handmade leather belts for men, cutting boards, or any other artsy-craftsy stuff, you’ll easily share them with the world using SellerSkills. Get powerful instruments to sell smartly, even through multiple marketplaces.

Import Products from/to Etsy

Etsy Inventory Managment

Whether Etsy is your solo sales channel or you market handmade gifts or items elsewhere, SellerSkills makes running Etsy stock much easier. Sync your multichannel inventory and get it automatically updated after every order, no matter the channel. Track inventory logs, check the real-time stock levels, or update Etsy stock price in bulk. With SellerSkills, you avoid the inventory mess and get a 360° view of your Etsy stock. Create your own Etsy CRM.

Inventory Product Categories Etsy

Etsy Listing Management

Are you still manually adding listings to Etsy, even though you’ve already done that for Amazon Handmade or other marketplaces? Stop squandering your time. Use SellerSkills Etsy listing software to smoothly bring listings from the existing channel to Etsy. You don’t have to adjust the Etsy listing photo size or create templates. We’ve already done that for you. Just import listings and learn how to sell things on Etsy. That’s easy, isn’t it?

Inventory Product Variant Etsy

Etsy Track Order

Streamline all orders you get from Etsy and other channels back to one dashboard. Manage multichannel orders from one management center. Carry Etsy cancel order activities, get the Etsy order history, and do much more with SellerSkills. All automated, without spreadsheets and manual order tracking.

Where to Sell Handmade Soap and Other Crafts?

Still have no clue where to sell handmade items with the highest return? Don’t stop at conquering one channel. Simply expand to as many marketplaces as you want with SellerSkills.

  • Amazon Handmade vs Etsy

    Although Etsy dominates the handmade market, it’s always a good time to sell your crafts on Amazon Handmade as well.

    By the way, more than 100 artisans have surpassed $1 million in annual sales on Amazon Handmade. Add your name to that list! After all, that won’t be hard with SellerSkills. Import listings from Etsy to Amazon Handmade in several clicks, manage inventory and orders from a centralized dashboard, and increase your sales. We bet you’ll rock it.

    Etsy vs Amazon
  • Etsy vs eBay

    Are you hooked on eBay’s auction selling system? But you don’t want to give up on the targeted audience hunting for handmade items on Etsy?

    You don’t have to. Reach 182 million eBay users and 90 million Etsy buyers by managing both accounts through a centralized SellerSkills panel. Transfer listings from one channel to another, manage multichannel orders, and keep an eye on the inventory. All without manual work.

    Etsy vs eBay
  • Shopify vs Etsy

    While Shopify allows you to set up your store and Etsy is a platform where people sell and buy unique handmade items, they have something similar – you make money from your talent by selling your handmade beauty.

    More channels, more money, and less work. How’s that? We’ve already set up everything for you. Forget about using spreadsheets for Etsy Shopify inventory management and manual data uploading. Just click the Import button, and take all the listings from one channel to another. Selling on Shopify and Etsy is easy with SellerSkills.

    Etsy vs Shopify
  • Etsy vs Walmart

    Don’t waste a chance to present your handmade goods to around 265 million Walmart customers and 90 million Etsy buyers.

    Easily bring products from Etsy to Walmart or vice versa. Just click several buttons, and here you go. Track inventory to avoid overselling from one hub. Manage orders from Etsy and Walmart through one dashboard. Make Walmart and Etsy bulk edit variations in one go. With SellerSkills, you do not break a sweat when managing two sales channels.

    Etsy vs Walmart
FAQ – How to Sell Handmade on Etsy

How much does it cost to sell on Etsy?

As you create a listing, you will have to pay a 20 cents-Etsy listing fee (there are no free Etsy listings). These listings would be available for four months or before the products get sold out. You’ll be charged 5% Etsy seller fees from every purchase. If you advertise your goods through offsite ads, you will pay 15% when you make a sale from one of those ads.

How to sell digital downloads on Etsy?

Etsy handmade is a great place for selling downloadable art, patterns, templates, and other stuff. First, you’ve got to create a listing, just like for any other physical product. You’ll need to download the file the customer will get after they buy it. You are free to download audio, images, or text files. If possible, make nice images of the ready product to entice the visitors for the purchase (mind the Etsy product photo size when uploading them to the listing).

How to sell on Etsy successfully?

Before jumping into this platform, figure out the best product to sell on Etsy. Get Etsy product ideas by checking the most selling product on Etsy. Then, create juicy listings packed with amazing images and texts. Don’t forget about SEO and other ways to get more traffic to your pages. Provide flawless customer experience and automate the workflows where possible to free time for more strategic and value-added actions.

How to make a listing on Etsy?

To create a listing on Etsy, go to the Etsy seller account and click Listings. If you are a new seller, navigate to My Shop. Tap Add a Listing and follow the instructions. You will have to add images or videos, add listing details, describe your listing (you can use an Etsy product description template), set up the price & shipping, and save it. If you already sell the products through other marketplaces, you can import listings using SellerSkills. In this way, you will avoid the need to create listings manually and save tons of time.

Where to sell handmade jewelry?

If you are crafting handmade earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, or other jewelry, you should consider Etsy in the first turn. You can also market your art pieces through Amazon Handmade, eBay, or create your own shop on Shopify. The more channels you cover, the more odds to sell. It wouldn’t take much time to bring all your goods to these marketplaces. Use SellerSkills to import the listings from one channel to all connected platforms in just a few clicks.

How to make a listing on Etsy?

Track Etsy inventory through the Shop Manager dashboard. The Etsy inventory management tab will give you insights into the latest stats like recent activities, orders, and more. If you are running multiple marketplaces, you can get a view of the inventory through the centralized SellerSkills dashboard. Our app syncs data from all the integrated channels, so you always know how many items are left.

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