Etsy SEO Tips to Increase Listing Visibility & Traffic

If only selling artsy-craftsy stuff was so easy… If only the sheer beauty and unparalleled uniqueness of your handmade items were enough… But alas. You’ve got to promote even the finest artwork pieces if you want them to break through the buzzing diversity of goods. So, today you will get to know how to optimize […]

Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment

Our platform will optimize your business processes by allowing you to sell on multiple popular marketplaces from a centralized panel. Create new listings on all marketplaces in several clicks, run a centralized inventory, arrange shipping more effectively, and handle orders from different channels from one dashboard. It’s free to start, so grab your chance and grow your business in a smart way.

Where to Sell Handmade Items? How to Sell Handmade Items?

Are you hooked on creating some awesome stuff people adore? You might think, ‘Ha, everyone can cross-stitch a stormy ocean with edged cliffs or make a real-touch latex orchid in a pot.’ Don’t get it too personal, but we are laughing in your face. It happens only when hands grow out of the right place. […]

FBA vs FBM: What Fulfillment Method Will Work for You

There’s no denying that Amazon has become a beast in the online retail world. Its market share of the U.S. eCommerce retail business has reached 47% in 2020. And it is expected to scale up by 50% in 2021. As a seller, you can’t ignore this platform because that’s the place where 9 out of […]

Your Barcode 101 Guide: What Do ASIN, UPC, EAN, ISBN, SKU and Other Barcodes Mean?

If you are building your retail business on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, or others, you won’t do without barcodes. These platforms require you to add product identifiers as you list your goods to manage inventory. But what is ASIN UPC EAN ISBN SKU? Who may need it? Which barcode type will work for […]

How to Sell on Walmart Canada (Amazon Canada, eBay Canada, Etsy, and Shopify)

If you are just starting online business in Canada or you are already selling online in Canada, let us say BRAVO. Along with competing on your own market with local retailers, you are also engaged in one more battle — the sophisticated and ubiquitous American market. But let us tell you something. SellerSkills believes that […]

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Build Up BusinessBuild Up Business

Build Up Business

Become well-versed in eCommerce with our tips that would help grow your business even in conditions of Covid-19 pandemic.

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eCommerce TrendseCommerce Trends

eCommerce Trends

Stay on top of emerging eCommerce trends and promos to one-up your competitors and win better deals

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Multi-channel operationsMulti-channel operations

Multi-channel operations

Learn how you can enhance your business processes like inventory management, bulk operations, shipping, and many more on popular marketplaces.

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SellerSkills UpdatesSellerSkills Updates

SellerSkills Updates

Be the first to know about the updates and new features we have rolled out to simplify your multi-channel selling experience.

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Learn what’s new in SellerSkills January Release

Learn what’s new in SellerSkills January Release

Long time no see! We’ve been working on something awesome and are dying to share what we’ve been up to. We bet you’ll love the updates. Etsy Integration ✨ Have you noticed that the list of the SellerSkills integrations has become longer? Right, we added one more integration with the most popular marketplace for selling […]


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