What Does SKU Stand for? How Do Online Businesses Use SKU?

Oh no, spare me from that hassle. My retail business is doing pretty well without an SKU listing system. I am not really into squandering my time on setting SKU numbers to the products I know like the palm of my hand. That’s what you might be thinking. And you are free to hold this […]

Guide to Inventory Management for Ecommerce 2021

Inventory chaos is one of the worst things that could ever happen to your business. Fail to manage your inventory, and you create a boundary for your business to thrive. Do everything right, and your business will have brilliant chances to reach the desired level of profitability. Or even exceed it. Thanks to a robust […]

Selling eBay vs Amazon Comparison: What Is the Best Place for You?

There is always a standoff between black and white. Good and evil. Yin and yang. Amazon vs eBay. Deciding on which is better is a deadlock as there are always advocates on both sides. But as an online seller, you still have to settle on the option that would be beneficial for your business, no […]

How to Use Inventory Control Tool for Utmost Inventory Performance

We are pretty sure that you already know what ‘inventory control’ means. But this article will dwell on ‘inventory control’ from a slightly different angle. You won’t find a cheesy definition of this concept or explanations of the ‘economic order quantity’ or ‘quality control.’ Today, we would like to show you the inventory management system […]

White Label vs Private Label: Which Model Is Better for You?

So, you are thinking about starting the online retail business with your brand name or have a desire to add some branded goods to your existing product line. And, of course, you would like to do without splurging on renting manufacturing facilities, paying salaries to extra staff, or dealing with ordering raw materials for the […]

How to Sell on eBay: A Full Guide

So, you’ve heard that selling on multiple marketplaces can upscale your business. We are so glad that you pulled yourself together and decided to test this theory. Spoiler: it really works, but not for everyone. You can make it fly only when you know all the subtitles of the channel you’d like to reach and […]

Shopify Stores Integration with Online Marketplaces

I’ll tell you no lies saying that Shopify is one of the most popular online retail platforms for sellers. Shopify store prides itself on being the best eCommerce platform. And I could not agree more. Indeed, Shopify’s slogan “anyone, anywhere, can start a business” is not just a bold claims. You might be a programming […]

What is listing software?

They tell you that multi channel sales are great, but without multi channel listing software is a night migraines Indeed, as you market your products on several selling channels, you promote your brand, increase your customer reach, and (if you do everything right) sell more. Wow! That seems like a great perspective for your eCommerce […]

FBA vs FBM: What Fulfillment Method Will Work for You

There’s no denying that Amazon has become a beast in the online retail world. Its market share of the U.S. eCommerce retail business has reached 47% in 2020. And it is expected to scale up by 50% in 2021. As a seller, you can’t ignore this platform because that’s the place where 9 out of […]

Your Barcode 101 Guide: What Do ASIN, UPC, EAN, ISBN, SKU and Other Barcodes Mean?

If you are building your retail business on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, or others, you won’t do without barcodes. These platforms require you to add product identifiers as you list your goods to manage inventory. But what is ASIN UPC EAN ISBN SKU? Who may need it? Which barcode type will work for […]

How to Sell on Walmart Canada (Amazon Canada, eBay Canada, and Shopify)

If you are just starting online business in Canada or you are already selling online in Canada, let us say BRAVO. Along with competing on your own market with local retailers, you are also engaged in one more battle — the sophisticated and ubiquitous American market. But let us tell you something. SellerSkills believes that […]

Learn what’s new in SellerSkills Release 12/30/20

We know how is important keep posted customers about feature changes. SO here’s our latest SellerSkills release. 1. Walmart Canada Integration If you already trade your products on the Canadian market through Walmart or just thinking about this, you will enjoy our new feature – integration with Walmart Canada. It is a beta version and […]

SellerSkills Team Announces Shopify Integration

Shopify is the world’s top-rated eCommerce platform. And when picking the marketplace for growing your online business, you’ll never go wrong by choosing it. It gives an ocean of opportunities for startups to begin implementing their ambitions into reality. As well as creates an environment for medium-sized and big companies to make a powerful online […]

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