Account Setting


If for some reasons you could not create SellerSkills account, please, read the instructions below. To create a new account, follow these steps:
  1. Click Sign up:
  2. Sign up
  3. In the “Sign up” form specify the following data:
    1. First Name*.
    2. Last Name*.
    3. Company.
    4. Actual phone number*.
    5. Email*.
    6. SellerSkills account password*.

    7. * To learn more about terms and conditions of usage and privacy policy, click Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy:

      ** Return to the “Sign up” form clicking [Back]:
  4. Tick [Agree to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy]:
  5. Click [Sign up]:
  6. Confirm registration via your mailbox.
  7. Open SellerSkills “Confirm email” sent to your maillbox:
  8. Click [Confirm]:
  9. Enter “Email” and “Password” in the “Sign in” form:
  10. Click [Sign in] to enter SellerSkills account:
Now you’re all set to start using the SellerSkills application.


To keep your information safe and secure, you should sign out in the end of every session. To exit, click the icon in the right corner and choose [Log out].
log out


To change password, select the “Change Password” tab. Enter the old password in the left entry field:
Change Password
Then enter a new password in the right entry field and confirm action by clicking the [Change password] button:
Change Password
If password is changed, you get a pop-up notification.
To discard the password change, do not click the [Change password] button.
If you forget the password, click here.


Follow next steps to sign in SellerSkills application if you forgot password:
  1. Enter email address and click [Click here] at the bottom of the “Sign in” form:
  2. Click [Reset password]:
  3. forgot password
  4. Follow the notification from SellerSkills:
  5. forgot password
  6. Check email and open “Reset password” letter from SellerSkills:
  7. forgot password
  8. Click [Reset]:
  9. forgot password
  10. Having filled in the “Password”* and “Confirm Password”* fields, click [Reset password]:
  11. forgot password
  12. Sign in with the new password.


To set and change the account information, avatar and password, click the icon in the right corner and choose Account settings:
In the “Account Info” tab you can edit the following data:
  1. First Name*.
  2. Last Name*.
  3. Company Name*.
  4. Phone Number*.
Account Info
The only information you can not change in the “Account info” tab is email address specified in the “Sign up” form.
Account Info
To set or change the profile avatar, follow the next steps:
  1. Click [Upload new picture] at the bottom of the “Account info” tab:
  2. Account Info
  3. Select a new image to upload from your computer and click [Open]:
  4. Account Info
You can delete the current avatar by clicking the [Close] icon in the top right corner above the image:
Account Info
Click [Save] to apply changes, or click [Cancel] to discard changes in the “Account Info” tab.
If changes are saved successfully, you get the notification.

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