Payment Info

In this tab, you can specify and edit your payment details and billing address. You do not have to provide your payment info using a FREE PLAN period or connecting Shopify Marketplace. If you are the owner of the Shopify store, you will be charged for SellerSkills service by the Shopify Billing service. Payment will be updated atomically in the SellerSkills panel after confirmation.
In other cases to edit information, put the cursor in the appropriate field and enter:
  • first name(*),
  • last name(*),
  • credit card details(*),
  • address(*),
  • second address,
  • city(*),
  • country(*),
  • zip code(*),
  • state(*)

To edit the credit card information, click the [Edit] icon and enter data.

To discard the edited information and return to the prior data, click the [Delete] icon.

To set “Country”* and “State”*, click the [Dropdown] icon and choose necessary information from the drop-down menu.
To save changes, click the [Save] button. If the process is successful, you receive the pop-up notification.

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