Filter & Search Products

Filter Products #

To simplify inventory search and management, you may use filters.

By default inventory list is displayed with filter identifiers “Category: All” and “Condition: All”. These default identifiers can not be deleted, but they may be changed if you specify some particular category or condition in the filter.

Filter Products

Create Filter #

To create a new filter, click [Filters] in the right corner above the inventory list.

Create Filter

Now you are able to customize a new filter according to your needs. You can specify the following data in the “Filter Products” window:

  • Category;
  • Condition;
  • Tags;
  • Range of the total available quantity;
  • Price range;
  • Sales channel.
To create a filter with the only search identifier is also possible.
Filter Products

  • To specify a root or subcategory from the category list, click the [Dropdown] icon and choose the needed one. Not to specify the category choose “All Categories”.

  • To specify a condition, click the [Dropdown] icon and choose the needed one from the drop-down list. Not to not specify the condition, choose “All Conditions”.

  • To enter tags, put the cursor in the text-box and fill in the details. Remember to press the [Enter] key after having entered each tag. Also, you can’t use the Cyrillic letters to enter the tag.
  • If you don’t want to specify tags, leave the “Tags” field unfilled. You can use one or several tags to create a filter.


  • In the “Total available” field you may set the range of the total available quantity. You are able to specify either “From” or “To”. Also, you can enter both or neither of them.
  • “Available From” quantity can’t be more than “Available To”.

  • To set the price range, enter data in the “From” and “To” text-boxes. Also, you can specify either “From” or “To” price. Not to state the price range, enter neither “From” nor “To” price.
  • Remember, “Price From” can’t be more than “Price To”.

    The “Price From” and “Price To” values must be in the range from 0.01 to 999 999 999.99 $

  • To use sales channel in the filter, tick the “Listed on” checkbox and then click the [Dropdown] icon.

Choose the required sales channel from the drop-down list. To create filter for all connected channels, choose “Any Channel”.

Do not tick “Listed on” checkbox to create filter without sales channels.

Check filled data, and if everything is correct, click [Apply filter] or click [Clear filter] to clear filled data and specify the required information to create the new filter.

Edit Filter #

To change data in the arranged filter, click [Filters] in the right corner above the inventory list and edit the required information in the “Filter Products” window.


To apply changes, click [Apply filter] or [Clear filter] to delete filled data.

To exclude particular filter identifiers from the arranged filter, click the [Close] icon of the required identifiers on the panel above the displayed inventory list.

You can remove all identifiers except “Category: All” and “Condition: All”.

If it is needed, click [More] to see all filter identifiers. To hide, also click [More].

Delete Filter #

To delete filter, click [Filters] in the right corner above the inventory list. Then click [Clear filter] at the bottom of the “Filter Products” window.

Delete Filters

Click the [Close] icon in the top right corner to close the “Filter Products” window.

To delete filter in another way, click all [Close] icons of filter identifiers on the panel above the displayed inventory list.

You can remove all identifiers except “Category: All” and “Condition: All”.

Search Inventory #

“Search Inventory” is another instrument to speed up your items search. You can perform search by the details of the product name, SKU identifier or description.

To start, put the cursor into the “Search Inventory” field and enter the appropriate data.

Search Inventory

To clear the “Search Inventory” field, click the [Close] icon or highlight the text and press the [Backspace] or [Delete] keys.

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