How to Sell on Amazon FBA with SellerSkills

Create Amazon FBA listings, generate FNSKUs, arrange shipping to Amazon fulfillment centers, and control inventory while keeping an eye on other sales channels with SellerSkills program. Optimize your sales experience and save your time running all business operations on an unlimited number of marketplaces from a centralized user-friendly hub.

What is Amazon FBA software by SellerSkills?

Selling on Amazon FBA and juggling it with sales on other marketplaces is easier when you have SellerSkills in your browser.

Our app enables Amazon automation and integration with other platforms so you could have control over your Amazon FBA business, fulfill FBM orders, create eBay listings, update Shopify inventory, all from one place.

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How does Amazon FBA work with SellerSkills

Fulfillment by Amazon with SellerSkills works like this:

  • FBA product

    Create FBA listings.

  • amazon label

    Prepare labels.

  • amazon shipping

    Arrange shipping.

  • amazon fullfilment center

    Send the packages to the Amazon fulfillment center.

  • inventory level

    Control inventory levels.

  • FBA inventory

    Get notifications when your FBA inventory level is low.

Looks pretty much the same as in your Amazon seller central?

Wait, we have more for you than that. SellerSkills allows you to:

  1. Monitor the performance of your FBA and FBM from one place.
  2. Upload new listings in bulk to all integrated marketplaces simultaneously.
  3. Handle orders from other sales channels while keeping an eye on your FBA inventory.
  4. Arrange shipping using the most beneficial labels from your carriers.
  5. Be in the know of your inventory levels on all the synced platforms.
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Become an Amazon seller and outreach other channels with SellerSkills

The math is simple: the more marketplaces you conquer, the more buyers you reach, the more sales you generate. Reach more prospects through popular marketplaces without breaking a sweat with SellerSkills. Sync your existing channels or create new ones in a centralized hub and manage your multichannel business with ease. We simplified the multichannel sales experience so you could manage your several stores from a single dashboard and match your products with people who need them. We give you a tool to make real money with less effort.

FBA Amazon is integrated with:

  • amazon FBM
  • amazon vs eBay
  • walmart
  • walmart canada

If you’ve been asking how to start selling on Amazon, here’s your chance. Join SellerSkills for free and become a smart Amazonseller. There are no limits for you when you have SellerSkills.

FAQ – Fulfilled by Amazon Overview

How long does Amazon take to ship?

Usually, it takes 1 business day for Amazon to deliver packages to your customers over the USA. When shipping items abroad, it might take from 3 to 7 weeks. You can always check the status of the FBA shipment in the SellerSkills panel.

How to sell on Amazon FBA?

At first, you set up your FBA account. Then, integrate it with SellerSkills. Create FBA listings in our app, generate FNSKUs, and prepare labels. You will be able to arrange Amazon preparing for shipment and see what product quantity should go to specific Amazon warehouses (make sure you checked the Amazon warehouse return policy before you send packages to Amazon). Also, see how much does Amazon charge to sell your products to set the fair price for your goods.

How to make money with Amazon FBA?

If you are wondering how to make money on Amazon FBA, we would recommend you to analyze the market, spot the best products to sell on Amazon FBA, and estimate the cost to sell on Amazon. Once you’re done, join the Amazon FBA program and arrange your first shipping to Amazon fulfillment centers using SellerSkills. Our app will help you have a better idea of what is going on with your packages and products as well as manage sales through other channels.

What will work better for me: FBA vs FBM?

If you are not an Amazon professional seller and are not sure which fulfillment method to choose, read our article on this topic.

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