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Be a Seller Hero

Be a Seller Hero

Have you ever thought about your eCommerce business from the Marvel perspective? NO? Then let’s get some fun. Everybody love a Hero so you can be an eCommerce Seller.

Let’s start with the easiest part. Are you a good or bad guy? Do you help customers with your products or lead them to degradation?

We are pretty sure that you are a Marvel hero. You improve people’s lives and satisfy their desires selling your goods on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, or whatever your channel is.

But now, it even doesn’t matter. Because a good guy is a good guy. And that’s it.

But just like any hero, you do your best to create good conditions for people around you.

That is why you keep up with modern eCommerce trends to run your business so that it satisfies your customers and brings you profit, of course. In this article, we are sharing seller tricks to help you make your business a paradise for your consumers. You’ll learn how to attract new buyers with things that other sellers neglect and skyrocket your profit margins. Here are some seller tips for you.


Keep in touch with your buyer

Most sellers make the same mistake. They are active at the pre-sale stage. Which means they willingly answer the consumers’ questions, explain ordering procedures, help tackle issues, whatever. Of course, there are anti-heroes that fail to do even that. But we bet you are not that type.

And what’s going on next?

Keep in touch with buyer

As the purchase happens, in most cases, no one keeps the conversation going. People just receive their packages, and that’s it. The end of the episode.

You might be bewildered at this point. What shall you do as a seller after you fulfill your duty?

There are plenty of options here.

  • Ask whether they are satisfied with their purchase
  • Offer a promo for the next order
  • Just say that you are happy to have them with you
  • Encourage to share a review, send pics or videos
  • Share awesome content

Because that’s the way the customers’ loyalty is built. You get more touchpoints with them. They feel that you do care about their buying experience. And they will come back to you (even if your products will be slightly overpriced).


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Sell on multiple platforms

There were times of brick-and-mortar stores. But today’s reality has changed and shaped the way entrepreneurs run their businesses.

A new era has begun. The era of endless opportunities and multichannel sales. Merchants create websites, social media accounts, go to Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, Etsy, and other platforms with a single goal — to sell.

That’s a smart move. Because more selling channels are equal to more touchpoints with prospects, more sales, and, finally, more revenue.

But along with that comes more work. Luckily, you can get an app to help you manage all your eCommerce fulfillment operations.

For example, SellerSkills, a multichannel order management software. You will manage your multichannel orders with ease. Since it gathers all your orders from multiple marketplaces in one place and automatically sends you notifications about any changes. It will take away most of your headaches, so it is definitely worth your consideration.

Feel and understand your product

Even if you sell the most incredible product on Earth, there is no guarantee that your customers will buy it

eCommerce Seller Hero: Feel and understand your product

Why can that happen?

Because you failed to communicate its value.

People do not buy just for the sake of buying. As they purchase any product, they expect it to cover their needs or desires. Even if the item seems to be completely useless (like a pet rock — a rock in a box which is meant to replace a pet, an aroma candle, or a garlic press), it still addresses quite specific demands.

Let’s take a look:

  • Pet rock — a need to take care of somebody
  • Garlic press — a wish to make things easier
  • Aroma candle — a desire to relax
  • iPhone — an urge to belong to the group of successful people

So, find out what customers’ values or desires your product can relate to. And let people know them

A picture is worth a thousand words

Most people scan rather than read these days. That is why you should support your great products with even better images if you want to sell more.

This is especially true for Millennials, also known as Generation Y (people born between 1981 and 1996). They are the target audience for most sellers. Because these consumers are somewhat between 24-39 years old. Which means they work and have enough money to shop. So ignoring their mindset, thoughts, desires, behavior is just the waste of all your efforts.

Gen Y is itching for unique experiences. And they expect brands to SHOW rather than WRITE what their product is about. Visuals have become new product descriptions for them. And this generation expects pictures to be unique, authentic, catchy, personal, and consistent.

Of course, there are image requirements on each of the marketplaces. And you can’t upload whatever you want just to impress your buyers. But you can adjust your visuals to those rules and Millennials’ expectations.

Offer a free demo if possible

Let’s come back to Millennials. It is proved that they don’t trust ads and are very selective. They need credible proof before they are ready to cash out.

A free demo version of a product is a great way to show that:

  • Your product solves their problem
  • It’s simple and effective
  • You will provide support whenever the issue happens

Also, only highly motivated and interested folks will sign up for a demo. Because they have already chosen you. Or are just testing several similar products. So it’s up to you whether you’ll convince them to stay or not.

That is why SellerSkills offers a free 30-day trial with full access to its features. We also carry out 2 onboarding sessions to show how the app works. If you are willing to give it a try, just visit our website and request a free demo with 100 sales order volume.

Consider SEO optimization

Whether running a website or listing your products on popular marketplaces. You will need to optimize pages or listings for SEO.

Firstly, every platform has its own search algorithms. So make sure you follow their listing optimization instructions. Stick to them, and prospects will find you.

Secondly, listings from eCommerce channels can show up in the results of the search engine (if you stuff them with the right keywords). It’s another opportunity to make a statement and become noticed.

Of course, the volume of SEO work is different on the website and marketplace. But you won’t skip this step if you want to have an impactful presence online.

Map out your pricing strategy

For your business to do profit, you have to work out a pricing strategy. Whether you choose competitive, penetration, price skimming strategy, you will need to adjust your prices from time to time. Because market changes, and you need to keep up with it.

Some companies are wasting their time on manually updating price tags on all their listings. We are giving you an easy way out.

SellerSkills will monitor and automatically adjust your prices on all your listings across several marketplaces according to your strategy. You just enter the formula, and the app does all the job.

Show your business backstage

eCommerce Seller Hero: eCommerce Seller Hero: Show your business backstage

You are not Robert Downey Jr (unless he is reading this article) to play the part of Tony Stark. But you can play your own role and show the backstage of your business.

  • Do you have an office? Show it to your customers.
  • Work from home? Let people see how you have arranged your workplace.
  • Do you produce handmade stuff? Allow them to take a look and see how you create product details.
  • Do you have a team? Let them know those selling heroes.

Show how you pack their orders. Accept their calls. Store your goods. Pick ingredients or materials. No matter what you do. Your customers will be on cloud nine to look behind the scenes of your business.

Keep your space well-organized

A mess is no good for a retail business. Especially, when you have a huge inventory.

Keep your stock optimized and organized, and you save yourself from most of the headaches. Arrange products on numbered shelves, and don’t forget to carefully store them.

SellerSkills will do the rest. This eCommerce inventory management software will track all stock logs and movements across your multiple selling platforms. So that you always know how many products are there in stock and when you should produce or order more.

Wrapping it up

It’s not easy to be a hero. And Marvel characters endured inhuman challenges to make the world a better place.

So, are you ready to become a SELLING hero and transform the way merchants run their businesses?

We know you are.

So start with one thing. And then implement another. And you’ll see that all those challenges are worth it.

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