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Covid-19 Outbreak: New eCommerce Realities

Covid-19 Outbreak: New eCommerce Realities

There’s no denying that the Covid-19 outbreak has changed the way people shop.

Health organizations and authorities asked citizens all over the world to stay at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Being restricted in movement, buyers turned to online shopping to provide their families with groceries, daily essentials, and other stuff. Uncertain times have changed what people buy and when.

ContentSquare suggests consumers started showing interest in other product categories being locked down in their dwellings. According to their research, there’s a significant increase in sport, supermarket, retail tech, cosmetics, and home furnishing industries.

Evolution by industry caused by Covid-19

It is explained by the fact that consumers have reconsidered their buying behavior in the conditions of quarantine. They upgrade their rooms to home offices, create improvised home gyms, and do all beauty procedures from the comfort of their home. Also, there’s a tendency to buying not “what they want” but “what they need.” Which means cutting expenses on entertainment and luxury stuff.

Let’s take a look at another data collected by Common Thread Collective.

eCommerce consumer sales

We can’t but notice the increase of medical essentials, household goods, and baby products. Buyers also purchase more toys, food, stuff for home offices, etc. In an uncertain period, consumers stopped getting themselves new clothes and jewelry. Also, they reduced their spendings on commuting and travel accessories based on their lifestyle changes.

As we can see from the above-mentioned data gathered by two different companies, some eCommerce industries have seen their business boom:

  • Health and safety products
  • Shelf-stable goods
  • Grocery
  • Household goods
  • Toys and games
  • Streaming services

Even though purely eCommerce orders have increased up to 137% in the United States, many eCommerce brands are having a hard time keeping their business afloat. It particularly concerns fashion and apparel and luxury goods.

The gaps in sales for some industries are aggravated by other serious challenges like:

  • Supply chain issues
  • Challenges to arrange the pick-up, drive-up, and same-day delivery
  • The lack of workforce to process all orders or produce goods

Even such eCommerce giants like Amazon limited shipment of certain types of FBA products due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

amazon prioritizing products

Image Sourse

But where some folks see problems, others find new opportunities. In view that 24% of consumers said that they would find it uncomfortable to shop in the mall for more than 6 months since the start of the pandemic outbreak, it becomes clear that the need for online eCommerce platforms will remain at the high level.

Which means, your online business can reach new heights. You just need to adopt a new strategy and your success will not be long in coming.

What you can do to empower your eCommerce business during Covid-19

  1. Build a strong online presence via all possible channels (social media, website, ads)
  2. Find right online marketplaces to promote your goods (Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Best Buy, Jet, etc.
  3. Be helpful — share tips, manuals, guides, etc.
  4. Enlarge your supply chains
  5. Communicate effectively with your customers through online platforms
  6. Let your customers know that you care — offer promos, discounts, etc
  7. Optimize your business processes with eCommerce software

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SellerSkills in Conditions of the Pandemic

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Wrapping it up

Running an eCommerce business can be tough even without a coronavirus.

But the one who could transform challenges into business opportunities regardless of the economical situation, global pandemic, riots, or other social disasters, will always win.

So, it’s up to you whether to let things flow naturally (and, most likely, that would lead you nowhere) or take actions and make a statement. SellerSkills is always here to provide the support you need to reach your business objectives even through these trying times.

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