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Top 5 Challenges to become a Walmart seller

Top 5 Challenges to become a Walmart seller

You can’t deny that. Walmart has become one of the leading marketplaces these days. Over 110 million buyers place orders with this selling platform per month.

You can’t deny that it has enormous potential for you as a seller. First of all, you get access to a wide customer base. Rather than attracting traffic to your own website (which is challenging today because of huge competition and high SEO standards), your products get exposed to a 450 million audience almost effortlessly. This audience is loyal and trusts this brand name. So they would buy from Walmart more eagerly rather than from the unknown website. This means that you save money you would have otherwise spent on building your brand.

Secondly, the competition on Walmart is much lower compared to Amazon or eBay. And you do not pay monthly or any other initial fees.

Thirdly, Walmart takes care of rapid page checkouts and payment options that are convenient for its users.

Without a doubt, this marketplace would reduce most of your headaches if compared to running your own website or competing on seller-dense channels like Amazon, eBay, and similar. If you are still not there, it is high time to change the situation and invest in getting your goods on this popular selling channel.

However, just like any marketplace, Walmart has some issues that might drive you crazy. So today we are going to delve on the most challenging parts of being a Walmart seller. But we won’t leave you with those issues on your own. We will give you the solutions of how to overcome difficulties and sell with less trouble on Walmart.

Walmart seller support that makes you wait for ages

approve Walmart account

You probably were outraged when trying to reach an Amazon support agent and get a piece of advice from them. But when it comes to Walmart, get ready to have even worse support experience.

Walmart supports only email conversation, so there’s no chance to have your issue discussed over the phone.

Besides, to be able to sell on Walmart, you need to get approval. As the official source says, it will take 10-15 mins to complete the application process. But in fact, you need to provide piles of documents and wait much longer than 15 mins till they approve your account. It took 2 weeks to get our profile approved by their support team.

Low profit margins on Walmart

PPC and SEO on Walmart

If you decide to be a Walmart Seller, you need to know that your products might be removed without your permission. Let’s say yesterday your planners were available for sale. And they have disappeared today in the morning. How do you like that?

That’s a common practice for Walmart. They remove gods if they are considered to be too pricey. The thing is that this marketplace is striving to keep the reputation of the platform with the lowest prices.

So, to stay active and compete with other sellers, your margins might take a hit. Or you might be spending half of your working time checking prices of the same products on the market and adjusting them. That’s a hell of work!

Shipping rules what know Walmart seller

SellerSkills shipping service

Walmart doesn’t support storing or shipping fulfillment for Walmart sellers. Which means that merchants handle stocks, shipping products to buyers, returns, or exchanges on their own.

The shipping experience could be cumbersome. You need to make sure you deliver the package on time and at the lowest rate, get labels, arrange label printing, and handle other stuff.

How to make shipping easier for you

As you use SellerSkills, shipping won’t be an issue any more. We integrated our app with popular carriers like USPS, Amazon’s Buy Shipping Services, and FedEx to ensure the carrier covers all your business needs:

  • Pick the best shipping option based on the price or shipping time
  • Print labels for multiple orders from one panel in bulk
  • Create and print packing slips using the template
  • Automatically send tracking numbers to your customers

Integration with other marketplaces

Synchronization with walmart

As you list products on Walmart, it might be problematic to sync them with other platforms. The thing is that such marketplaces as Amazon or Shopify have product variations. And they link their child items to a parent SKU to create a product with a variation.

But Walmart assigns Variant Group ID to each child item, which is tedious and makes it hard to migrate products with variations to other marketplaces.

How you can easily sync your Walmart with other marketplaces

If you feel the need to export listings from Walmart to any other platform or vice versa, SellerSkills has you covered. We convert products with variations into simple items so you could publish them effortlessly anywhere.

SEO and PPC listing optimization

Hellium for Walmart

As a Walmart seller, you have a chance to optimize your listings so that they find their prospects and deliver only pleasant customer experience.

It refers to optimizing your titles, descriptions, variations with the right keywords. Because this might impact your conversion, product search ranking, and revenue.

How Walmart seller can improve product search ranking

SellerSkills is working on developing a solution that would help you research products, find and analyze relevant keywords to optimize your listings . You’ll get access to all resources you might need to run PPC campaigns and build effective SEO strategies.

Final words

If you are waiting for an ideal and flawless platform to present your products, we are afraid that the waiting time might take ages. You should either bear with the disadvantages of the marketplaces and use the resources they provide or take courage and create your own selling channel.

Walmart, as any other platform, has its pros and cons. But you can’t deny that all the perks overweight inconveniences you might have as a merchant.

Walmart has a loyal audience and you can’t ignore the fact that the power of their brand can actually work in your favor. So make use of this selling platform, introduce your goods to new masses, and SellerSkills will take care of some issues you might be having there.

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