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What is multi channel listing software?

What is multi channel listing software?

They tell you that multi channel sales are great, but without multi channel listing software is a night migraines.

Indeed, as you market your products on several selling channels, you promote your brand, increase your customer reach, and (if you do everything right) sell more.

Wow! That seems like a great perspective for your eCommerce business. But there is one important thing they are all hiding from you.

How do you list all your products on all the platforms? Because let’s be honest, that’s just a LOOOOT of work that involves duplication. Duplication. Duplication. Lucky you are if you have, let’s say, only five goods, so it will take only several days to bring all your products to the desired marketplaces.

But what if you have hundreds or even thousands of listings to create on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, and other channels? A shiver runs down the body when you think of all the time “invested” (or wasted?) to finally set up your multi channel business.

Hah, but listen. We live in the great era of optimization and automation that has already affected the niche of multi channel eCommerce. You can make use of Multi channel Listing Software and be up and running on all the channels in several minutes without squandering time on doing the same work all over and over again.

Without any further ado, let’s see what stands behind listing software and how it can affect your retail business.

What is Multi channel Listing Software?

Multi channel listing software is a single tool usually cloud-based (which means access from any spot with the Internet and no installation) integrated with different marketplaces allowing you to list new products on all the synced channels at once. It means that you literally list new products and manage the existing ones all over the marketplaces from a centralized panel. Only one click and your new T-shirts with the variations or new phone cases are uploaded to Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, and other platforms.

Why Are Listing Tools Important for Multi Channel Sellers?


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As markets evolve, it’s getting harder and harder to compete. That is why optimizing your listing and inventory management processes using extra tools will give you a competitive advantage. But that’s not all. There are tremendous advantages of using listing software for all eCommerce sellers. Let’s see what they are:

  • Save up to 70% of your time creating and managing listings.
  • Cut expenses as you don’t have to hire a team of managers anymore.
  • Boost customer reach effortlessly ensuring you’re present on all the channels where your prospects shop.
  • Reduce human-made errors by automating all the monotonous and labor-intensive operations.
  • Sustain consistency all over the selling channels to establish a well-recognized brand.
  • Scale your business faster without a dramatic investment of time and money.
  • Improve business processes making more time for things that lead to the company’s growth.
  • Have happier customers due to faster order processing and accurate order implementation.

What Need to Be in A Multi channel Listing Tool?

So, as a business-savvy seller who would like to build an eCommerce business that works like a clock, you realize that leveraging from listing management tools is no longer a whim, it’s a necessity.

In fact, there are so many multi channel platform management tools out there that you might be slightly overwhelmed. How do you pick that very software that would help you create an impactful and profit-generating business? Keep on reading, the answers are already there:

  1. Integrations You don’t need an app that is integrated with ALL possible marketplaces (though it would be nice, huh?). But you should make sure it could be synced with the channels you’re already selling on or plan to switch to soon. For example, SellerSkills is integrated with Amazon (supporting both FBM and FBA), Amazon.ca, eBay, Walmart, Walmart Canada, and Shopify.
  2. Features Does the app offer a superfast listing? Does it provide listing templates for different channels? Can you make limitless bulk operations? Can you import listings from one platform to another? Does the tool support variation management? If the software provides you with these features and offers some more, that’s a good tool.
  3. Payment plans Some apps are affordable. Some are pricey. Some offer 30-day free plans for testing. But there are listing management tools like SellerSkills that give you access to all the features forever if your order turnout doesn’t exceed 50 orders per month. Anyway, consider which price range is manageable for you and go for the company that gives you more for that money. P.S. Make sure the service provider doesn’t charge any hidden fees.
  4. Customer orientation & support As a seller, you know that communication with customers is everything. The company that provides a listing management tool should be open to interaction with you. If you face any issues with the software, you should know whom you can reach to get your problem fixed as sooner as possible.
  5. Interface As you start leveraging software to make sales easier, you definitely don’t want to spend hours to find out how it works. The listing tool you are going to use should have a user-friendly interface and should be applied without any programming background.

How to Make Your Multi channel Listings Better

Do you believe that more listings, more channels are equal to more sales? In the ideal world, it’s true. But things are a little bit more complicated when you come back to reality. You can mess it up if you ignore one critical thing – the quality of your listing. If you want your listing to convert, you’ve got to put in some effort to make it pay back. So, what’s the secret of a SUCCESSFUL multichannel listing? Here’s the recipe:

  • Create a uniform style and be consistent on all the channels.
  • Optimize your listings for SEO, both internal and external.
  • Take quality pictures of the product and make the listing visually appealing.
  • Set competitive prices.
  • Translate benefits, not features.
  • Make the text easy to read.
  • Write for scanners (80% of people scan your copy, do not read).
  • Respond to customer’s questions and reviews.
  • Do your business with love ?

One more thing. Keep an eye on the mandatory and optional parts required for every platform. For example, Amazon will let you publish a listing without a product description, while you’ll need to craft one for Walmart. You can check the chart below to see what parts of the listing are obligatory and which you can omit. But mind that customers love to get as much information about the item as possible before they make a purchase, so try to include all of them when creating a new listing or improving the existing one.

Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, eBay listing

SellerSkills Is Your Key to Simple Multi channel Sales

SellerSkills is an affordable user-friendly multi channel listing software. It is integrated with the most popular marketplaces like Amazon (both USA and Canada, FBA and FBM), eBay, Shopify, and Walmart (both USA and Canada).

With SellerSkills, you’ll be uploading new listings in bulk to all the integrated channels from a single platform. No more monotonous listing duplication. Just one minute and your new goods are available for sale through the selected marketplaces.

SellerSkills has a lot to offer for every seller. Here are a few things you’ll definitely love about the upgrade of your favorite marketplace through this app.

eBay Fast Listing Publish

Add new listings using SellerSkills eBay listing software. Just fill in the product title or identifier and you’ll be offered matching listings from other sellers on Amazon, which you then can edit to comply with your design or style. Watch the video to see how it works.

Multilingual Listing for Walmart CA

If you are selling on Walmart in Canada, you would benefit from the SellerSkills feature that allows you to publish multilingual listings. French or English? You don’t have to choose now as you can use both languages in your listing.

Amazon FBA Support

FBA seems simple unless you try to arrange your first shipment to the Amazon fulfillment center. As SellerSkills is integrated with Amazon FBA, you’ll be able to manage FBA listings much easier. Print labels, add barcodes, and much more with this tool. By the way, if you need help with deciding which barcode type you’ve got to use, read our Barcode 101 Guide.

Get all the instruments to optimize your multichannel business in one app. Schedule a demo to see how you can use all the SellerSkills perks to grow your business.

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