How to Sell on Google Merchant Center with SellerSkills

SellerSkills makes it easy to push all of your product information, inventory quantities, and pricing to Google, so your customers know exactly what you offer. Easily import listings from other channels, list new goods, manage listings, inventory, orders, and more. With SellerSkills, you can be anywhere your prospects shop.

How does Google Merchant Center work

Google Merchant Center

Connect with Hundreds of Millions of Shoppers Performing Daily Google Searches

  • sync with Google

    Get your store in sync with Google

    it easy to push all of your product to Google

  • Sell on Google Shopping

    Sell on Google Shopping

    will turn sales channel into powerful money-making

  • Google ads

    Promote products with Google Ads

    people search for what they want

Effortlessly Upload Your Complete Product Information

SellerSkills simplifies the process of uploading your product data, including details, inventory quantities, and pricing to Google. This ensures that your customers have a comprehensive understanding of your offerings.

Extend Your Reach to Google’s Diverse Audience

Merchant Center, in conjunction with SellerSkills, broadens your reach. Your products are showcased not only through advertising but also across various paid and unpaid channels. Optimize your presence on surfaces across Google, Shopping ads, Shopping Actions, and other Google services.

Uncover Valuable Insights

Gain access to comprehensive reports that offer holistic insights into the performance of your programs linked to Merchant Center. These reports provide actionable data on pricing, merchandising, and more, empowering you to refine your business strategy.

Unlock the Potential of Vast Search Traffic

Google attracts hundreds of millions of daily visitors in search of new and exciting products. Now, with Shopping Actions, your products are accessible for purchase across Google, meeting customers wherever they are.

Attract Valuable New Customers

A substantial 68% of shoppers introduced to your brand through Shopping Actions are entirely new to your business. What’s more, they bring a 14% higher value than those who don’t engage with Shopping Actions.

Boost Sales and Foster Customer Loyalty

Utilizing Shopping Actions translates to an impressive 10% boost in spending from your existing customer base. Participating merchants have reported a substantial 30% year-over-year increase in basket size.

Enhance Your Brand’s Presence on Google

Build trust with a fresh audience. The shopping cart displayed on your listings signifies that Google stands behind your customers’ purchases, offering secure payments, top-notch customer service, and a hassle-free return process.

Google Search: Place Your Products in Search Results

Smart Shopping campaigns are designed to present your products to individuals actively searching for what you offer on Google. The beauty of this? You only pay when you achieve results.

Google Display Network: Connect Beyond Searches

Reach out to potential customers even before they embark on a search. Your products can be showcased while they browse their favorite blogs, use mobile apps, or explore countless partner websites, videos, and applications across the vast internet.

YouTube: Tap into the Power of Video

Did you know that over 40% of global shoppers make purchases based on YouTube discoveries? Your products can find their way to shoppers, whether they’re accompanying influencers on shopping adventures or seeking out product reviews.

Gmail: Enter the Inbox of Over a Billion Users

With over a billion active users on Gmail each month, you have the opportunity to display your products to potential customers right in their inbox. Connect with them wherever they consume content.

Unlock Power of Google Merchant Center

SellerSkills is among the official third party Google Merchant partners, so we are doing our best to make your selling experience on this platform as smooth as possible. Import your inventory or specific listings to our app and then publish them on Google Merchant.

Shopify Store as a main source
  1. Get listed free of charge automatically on Google
  2. Amplify Your Product Visibility Across Google’s Expansive Network
  3. Seamlessly Sell Your Products Directly on Google via Shopping Actions Universal Shopping Cart
  4. Drive Sales and Attract Customers with Promotional Campaigns Using Shopping Ads
  5. Effortlessly Manage Your Google Product Portfolio with an Intuitive Interface
  6. Get Up and Running in Minutes with a One-Click Installation
Shopify Store as a main source
FAQ – SellerSkills as a Shopify Integration Tool

How to change Shopify store name?

You can change the Shopify store name by going to the Store settings => General settings. Change your current store name in the Store details section.

How to add products to Shopify?

Import your Amazon listings directly to Shopify and other marketplaces with SellerSkills. There’s also a Fast Add Product feature that allows you to add products from the Amazon catalog to My Shopify, even if you don’t have an Amazon Seller Central account. Or, use an option of uploading Google and Excel spreadsheets, or CSV files.

How to sell on eBay using Shopify?

SellerSkills has released a Shopify eBay sales channel integration that allows you to carry out Shopify eBay import of your listings or inventory. Just click one button, and all Shopify products will be added to your eBay store.

How to add products from Walmart to My Shopify store?

Save Walmart products in SellerSkills centralized hub and then import them to My Shopify Store. Or you may export all Walmart items into the file and upload it to your Shopify store.

How much does Shopify cost?

Shopify offers three business plans to choose from. But you cat start with a free 14-day trial for free to see how it will work for you. When using SellerSkills, you have 50 free orders for all the platforms every month. If your business has outgrown this order volume, you can use the plan that meets your needs.

How to sell Amazon products on Shopify?

When you use Amazon as a Main Store, you can easily import Amazon listings to Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Google Shopping, and Walmart. Besides, there’s a Fast Add Product option that gives you access to the Amazon product catalog, so you could copy any listing to your Shopify account.

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