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Amazon gets official FAA approval for drone delivery. New step of Amazon delivery.

Amazon gets official FAA approval for drone delivery. New step of Amazon delivery.

This Monday (August, 31, 2020), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a certificate that allows Amazon to operate their Prime Air delivery drones. This means that the online giant can now use drones to bring the packages to the customers’ doorsteps faster and more efficiently.

However, that doesn’t mean that Amazon will jump into the unmanned delivery right away. Even though they went through rigorous training and provided clear evidence that drones are safe, they will use this permission for testing and scaling the system that is responsible for drone operation. So there’s no exact date when shoppers should expect to meet new delivery engines in their yards or porches.

David Carbon, the vice president of Prime Air, stated that they will be working on refining their technology to fully integrate the delivery drones into the airspace. For that purpose, they’ll be working closely with the FAA and other institutions to bring the idea of 30-minute delivery to life.

Let us remind you that Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO and founder, said in one of the interviews in 2013 that drones would be delivering packages to customers’ homes in about five years.

Last year, Amazon presented autonomous drones that could carry 5 pounds to a distance of up to 15 miles in 30 minutes and then just drop the package in a backyard.

Without any doubt, this is an important step towards implementing an idea of 30-minute delivery that would drastically boost customer satisfaction rates. We’ll be following up on the news connected with Amazon drone testing and will let you know if any dramatic changes happen.

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