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Learn what’s new in SellerSkills January Release

Learn what’s new in SellerSkills January Release

Long time no see!

We’ve been working on something awesome and are dying to share what we’ve been up to. We bet you’ll love the updates.

Etsy Integration ✨

Have you noticed that the list of the SellerSkills integrations has become longer?

Right, we added one more integration with the most popular marketplace for selling handmade and exclusive goods – Etsy. From now on, you can import listings from/to Etsy, manage inventory, process orders, add products, and more. You are welcome to learn more details on the How to Sell on Etsy with SellerSkills page.

You are never alone when SellerSkills releases new features or integrations. So, we’ve prepared a quick guide to show you how to connect Etsy to SellerSkills.

Tags for Amazon FBA, FBM, and Prime

Working with Amazon FBA, FBM, and Prime orders is much easier now. We added Amazon FBA, FBM, and Prime tags to the order list. So now you can filter orders using the tags. Isn’t it awesome?

An Update to the Warehouse Management ?

That’s just the first step in implementing the whole idea of creating the fully-fledged warehouse management functionality, but this would give you more freedom when managing multiple warehouses. We developed a solution for adding additional warehouse addresses so you can use them when generating shipping labels and FBA shipments

The SellerSkills team doesn’t stop at this point, and we keep working on the complete warehouse management solution for you. Stick with us, and there will be more.

New Features in the SellerSkills eBay Integration: International Policies

If you are an active SellerSkills user and eBay seller, you’ve probably noticed that now you can accept international payments, arrange international shipping, and manage return policies using our app.


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Some UI Improvements

There is no limit to perfection, so we always ask SellerSkills users what would make their experience even better. We implemented the state autofit feature during the January update release that would automatically fill the state in the corresponding tab according to the zip code.

Australian Marketplaces Come Into Play ?

SellerSkills is becoming more global. From now on, you can add Australian marketplaces(Etsy, eBay, Shopify) and create Australian seller accounts. Welcome to SellerSkills, merchants from another side of the world! We are glad you are with us.

Order Tracking History?

Another successfully implemented feature is an order tracking history. Every order will include a list of logs recording the most critical order-related actions. For instance, the status change, adding a label, sending the order to the main marketplace, etc.

We Are Pleased You Are with Us ?

ellerSkills team is happy to have you with us. With every single step, we are getting closer to our goal – to create the multichannel management tool that would have all you need to sell through multiple marketplaces easier.

More updates are coming. Stay tuned with SellerSkills.

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