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Learn what’s new in SellerSkills Release 12/30/20

Learn what’s new in SellerSkills Release 12/30/20

We know how is important keep posted customers about feature changes. SO here’s our latest SellerSkills release.

1. Walmart Canada Integration

If you already trade your products on the Canadian market through Walmart or just thinking about this, you will enjoy our new feature – integration with Walmart Canada. It is a beta version and we are working on polishing it, but you have a chance to use this feature before it is officially released and to be one of the first sellers to leverage new integration and optimize your Canadian business processes.

2. eBay Listing Fast Publish

Selling on eBay has become much easier. We added bulk operations which enable you to work with multiple listings and variations at a time. Moreover, the updated SellerSkills software logs and implements all the changes on eBay and other marketplaces.

3. Ship Your Packages with UPS

Your favorite carrier is now on SellerSkills. You and your customers can enjoy all the perks of USP shipping including precise tracking, the same and next day delivery, cheaper delivery of heavy packages, and many more.

4. Add Features Your Business Need

Our mission is not to create the app for the sake of another multi-channel E-commerce management service on the market. We want SellerSkills to serve you well and help you tackle your daily business challenges while retailing on several marketplaces so that you sell more and with less hassle.

We believe that every business is unique. Even though we have vast experience working on different selling channels, no one knows your needs better than you. That is why we encourage you to be active and take part in the development of the app that would address your particular issues. So you are very welcome to submit your new feature request here and you will see your feature on next SellerSkills Release. It would take less than 5 mins but the value you will get can save you hours of working time every single day.

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