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SellerSkills Release 11/03/2020

SellerSkills Release 11/03/2020

Investigate and enjoy new features of the SellerSkills Release:


    A new feature that allows you to copy an Amazon listing from their database (even if don’t have a Seller Central account) and add it to your inventory. You can then publish it on all integrated channels. Watch this video or jump into this guide to learn more details.


    Compare shipping labels from different carriers in one place with the SellerSkills shipping rate calculator. You’ll see shipping costs and delivery time on one panel, so will be able to pick the most beneficial option much faster and easier. Take a look at this video or read our guides for more information.

    1. eBay synchronization fixed. From now on, you’ll see your old eBay listings on our panel once your account has been synced.
    2. Variations added. You can add product variations to present item features like size, color, quantity, pattern, etc.
    3. A link to eBay item number, ASIN added. As a customer makes an order, you can now view the product on the marketplace directly from the order page.

We believe that every business is unique. Even though we have vast experience working on different selling channels, no one knows your needs better than you. That is why we encourage you to be active and take part in the development of the app that would address your particular issues. So you are very welcome to submit your new feature request here and you will see your feature on next SellerSkills Release. It would take less than 5 mins but the value you will get can save you hours of working time every single day.

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