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Walmart Buy Box – what is it? How to get there?

Walmart Buy Box – what is it? How to get there?

A Walmart reseller can place your product in 2 ways: create a new list for a product not yet on the Walmart market, or share an existing list with other retailers for a product that is already on sale.

For a seller who sells a product that is new to the market, here are some ways to create lists that will lead to sales:

Use SEO keywords in product descriptions and titles. Many shoppers will find your Walmart list by searching through Google or Yahoo.

If your product name and description contain SEO-friendly keywords, potential customers are more likely to find your products.

Use clear, high-quality photos of the product. Visual images are processed by the brain in less than one-tenth of a second, so clear, high-quality images of goods can quickly persuade your buyer to purchase.

Classify products correctly. If your product falls into a category that doesn’t make sense, buyers won’t be able to find your product and buy it. Follow Walmart’s categorization guidelines to ensure your product is in the right place.

Walmart sellers do not have to create a list if they are selling a product already on the market. In this case, both elements are presented in one list. For joint ads to get the most sales – is to win a Buy Box.

Buy Box is the first price option presented to customers for products used by several sellers. This is a premium product, as most buyers choose the initial version of the Buy Box.

In addition to the stock in stock, the qualification for winning the Buy Box at Walmart is competitive prices or the lowest price available on the market.

To win a Buy Box at a competitive price, sellers must offer free shipping, as delivery is considered part of the total price. Sellers should also offer a lower price than other large online stores. Under its market price matching policy, Walmart promises customers that they will lower their online prices to match the prices of major online retailers. Although technically this policy only applies to Walmart products and not third-party retailers, retailers who want to win a Buy Box must also match these prices if they share information with Walmart.

With these additional costs in mind, retailers who want to win a Walmart Buy Box need to adjust their budget to take into account the offer:

  • Free shipping.
  • The lowest price available online.
  • If the seller usually charges more than the lowest available price, he must calculate how many more sales he will need to make a profit on Walmart.

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